What is Java 7 and its features? It's a new language feature exclusively added in the Java 8 update and which is touted as one of the most. Java 7 has a number of features that will please developers. Published October 20th by O'Reilly Media. More Details ASIN But actually the contents of this so called book are as the title says, what is new in Java 7. Straight to the. His other books with O'Reilly include Java Examples in a Nutshell, .. Chapter 7 —Java Programming and Documentation .. Changes in the Four th Edition.


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Major features of Java 7 include: Language enhancements grouped under a Project Coin String object in switch statement Multiple exceptions handling to eliminate duplication of codes Upgraded class-loader architecture Improved type interference for generic instance Library support for ECC elliptic curve cryptography algorithms Upgraded Rowset 1.

This add-on feature ultimately brought the development platform to the forefront of functional programming. Oracle officially released the Java Development Kit 8 on Mar 18, marking a watershed moment whats new in java 7 oreilly the programming community around the world.

With the release, the company changed the programming paradigm accommodating the all-new lambda expressions for functional programming. Whats new in java 7 oreilly Project Lambda allowed users to treat functionality as a method argument thereby creating delegates or expression tree types.

How do you know whether all the required JARs are there, or if there are duplicate entries? The module system addresses both issues. Modular JAR files contain an additional module descriptor.

A look at Java 7's new features - O'Reilly Media

All non-exported packages are encapsulated in the module by default. Note that both modules contain packages that are encapsulated because they're not exported visualized with the orange shield.

Nobody can accidentally use classes from those packages. The Java platform itself whats new in java 7 oreilly been modularized using its own module system as well.

By encapsulating JDK internal classes, the platform is more secure and evolving it becomes much easier.


Modules allow you to better structure your application with strong enforcement of encapsulation and explicit dependencies. You can learn more about working with modules in Java 9 with this course.

What's New in Java 7?

Linking When you have modules with explicit dependencies, and a modularized JDK, new possibilities arise. Your application modules now state their dependencies on other application modules and on the modules it uses from the JDK.

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Why not use that information to create a minimal runtime environment, containing just those modules necessary to run your application? That's made possible with the new jlink tool in Java 9. Instead of shipping your app with a fully loaded JDK installation, you can create a minimal runtime image optimized for your application.

You whats new in java 7 oreilly launch jshell from the console and directly start typing and executing Java code.

The immediate feedback of jshell makes it a great tool to explore APIs and try out language features. Testing a Java regular expression is a great example of how jshell can make your life easier.

For example, you can declare as shown below: Improved exception handling There are a couple of improvements in the exception handling area. Java 7 introduced multi-catch functionality to catch multiple exception types using a single catch block.

In the current state, you would deal them individually as shown in below: And I have seen code that catches a dozen exceptions, too.